Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Life

Hi everyone! Phew... I've been very busy those last days due to work, assignments and merry making.

I presented my Distributed Systems assignment today. It was such a relief and all that thanks to Adarsh who has helped me a lot by providing me his codesJ, but as promised, I managed to modify it and make it work. I only had to modify the connection and the update query which was not working to get a good program. I am very thankful to him since because of him I happened to understand quite much things in that program. You can always check his blog to find new information and tips. As for my Operation Research assignment, a big thank to Naf who has “helped” (I hope u undstnd Naf) me really very much.

Well, work is going on smoothly and now, compared to the day of the Air Mauritius Maiden cup, work has diminished quite a lot and I’m now working on Mondays also for payment purposes. On Mondays, the work is even lighter than Saturdays because there is no rush. Everything is done calmly and in less noise. It’s so calm that at a certain time, I even feel sleepy!

I had a nice week-end also because I went to watch Jori No 1 live at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre. The show was a successful one due to the presence of Himani Kapoor, Debojit Saha, and the superb performance of our local artist!! I was amazed at their performance! Many of my friends found the show lengthy and boring, but those people have only heard about it, and have not watched it or experience it. It was definitely worth and of same calibre of the show of an international artist. Hats off to the MBC team who did a great job to make the show such a success. The only problem was the lack of space in the centre to accommodate the huge public of Mauritius!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome to all

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my blog.. I have created this blog to stay in touch with people who don't know me and yet want to share their opinion about certain issues about almost everything.. well well.. I shall even post about my everyday life, my troubles and worries along with my happy moments..